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Welcome to a new level of Service

  Hello, my name is Usarian Skiff.  I am a database specialist.  If you own or work for a small business – Welcome! What I do is solve problems, specifically data problems.  If your business uses software like Microsoft Excel, … Continue reading

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Using ODBC

In my experience, one of the most frequent data-related helpdesk calls is for ODBC errors. ODBC is a way to connect Microsoft Access and other Office products to a database such as SQL Server.  You can set your ODBC connections … Continue reading

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ODBC Errors in Access 2007 32-bit running on Windows 7 64-bit

Found a fantastic article explaining and fixing a problem I have seen many times as of late: here’s a link to a MSDN question on the same subject:  

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Free resources for the web and other media

Over the years I have accumulated a number of resources for creating new websites.  These are a few of my most-used: This is a collection of public domain photographs covering numerous subjects For icons I use several resources, but … Continue reading

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Need to convert .NET data types into SQL data types? Here ya go..

I was conversing today with Patrick about a project he’s working on that involves data quality checks on CSV files.  He’s working on a component to determine SQL data types of the imported columns and I suggested maybe somebody already … Continue reading

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Database Server hosted on a Raspberry Pi!?

This is crazy stuff here, but it’s an interesting concept: I can see many low-cost industrial uses for this.  As a data historian for example on a manufacturing line, or collecting data from scientific instruments.  Perhaps running a cluster … Continue reading

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